Skin ID : Oily skin

I believe most of the girls who have been following me for a while, know every single detail about my skin texture since I just can’t shut up about it! Ever since I was old enough to start taking care of my skin, It’s been an endless battle to find that perfect routine that will finally brighten my hyper pigmentation, diminish my pores, mattify my forehead and so on and so fourth. Even though there are about four types of skin : dry, normal, combination and oily, within these sections there is a wide spectrum of skin characteristics that make each one its own: X and Y might have oily skin, but need different products to address different problems.. So the first step for me was to identify what my skin issues were : overall oily skin, some dry areas du to stress, pollution etc and hyper pigmentation..and from there I sorta put together a routine that works well for me. Find all the details below!

Wash, Tone, Moisturise!

Those are the three basic steps that every routine should consist of…


I use this Oil Free Cleanser by Kihels  that does the job perfectly. It gives you that very fresh, purifying and awakening  feeling. Plus, it cleans without over drying or stripping the skin, which is a problem with a lot of cleanser meant for oily skin.



Even though this Eau Micellaire by Bioderma is not a proper toner, but it does the job perfectly. Its cleans the skin from all of the excessive oils, and residues that when accumulated may cause your skin to breakout. I usually clean until my cotton is brownish which is disgusting but it shows that a layer of “dirt” has been removed and you now have a super smooth and clean skin ready to be moisturized.


I know a lot of people with oily skin tend to think that the skin is better off without lotions because they associate lotion with oils. However it’s super important to keep ur oily skin moisturized at all times, because otherwise the skin itself produces a significant amount of sebum (natural body oils) to feed its thirst. For that matter you should have a moisturizer appropriated to your skin, that will moisturize while controlling the amount of sebum produced by the skin. I start by applying a few drops of this Renewal Oil by La mer all over the skin pressing it in so its fully absorbed! I love how  moisturised and healthy it makes your skin look. Right after I apply the The Moisturizing Matte Lotion  also by La Mer, I love the formula of this product, because it moisturises but it’s super light-weight so It allows you to layer other products without over-saturating the skin. As its a bit on the pricey side I absolute recommend this Oil Free Gel by Kiehl’s, it also feels super light on the skin, and is super moisturising as well! Finally to top t all off I put this amazing sunscreen by Kiehl’s, I am obsessed with their formula because it doesn’t leave your face white, it’s oil free and it blends in seamlessly onto the skin! Be it sunny or not, sunscreen is necessary because of all the damage that UV exposure can cause to the skin, specially as we get older!

Night time…

My night routine is basically the same, wash, tone and moisturise! However, here instead I pack my skin with a lot of serums and oils that I believe are better for night time since it can just sink in and you will just stay in and not catch any pollution. I wash & one my skin wit my usual cleanser & toner, then I proceed to put on this amazing Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution by Kiehl’s to heal my hyper pigmentation which is a problem that a lot of us, oily or not, deal with be it for acne scarring, sun damage..etc. I follow it by the Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate also by Kiehl’s meant to minimize my lines and pore appearance which can be a problem for oily skins like mine! Finally, my holly grail, the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is like one of the best products I have! It heals your skin overnight allowing you to wake up with peach soft skin ready to kick start the day! No fadigue signs no nothing, you literally go to sleep cute and wake up cute! I specially love it after a night out, after washing all my make-up off I indulge in this and I might wake up with a hangover but my skin will for sure be flawless the next day! Love this!!!

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  • Shirlly

    Gosto muito das dicas que vocês (Doriana e Genira) deixam para nós. Agora com essa nova plataforma, será melhor visto que podemos voltar e ler detalhadamente e com mais calma as dicas que vocês compartilham conosco. Parabéns ??

  • Lulu

    Estou a adorar os posts. Doriana faz o post a falar das ampolas. Gen dicas para curvy girls, we also want to be on fleek ??

  • Cayla

    Thanks for this post because I def have oily skin with a shiny forehead (that People laugh about) and hyperpigmentation that I am trying to get rid of from acne scarring. I will try these products and see what will work for me.