For those who follow my super interesting snapchat stories, “the red workout room that looks like a nightclub” won’t be any news to you, its not only a new pretty workout but I can’t stress enough how powerful and effective it is.

It’s called Barry’s Bootcamp, and its NYC super models best kept secret, so of couuuurse we had to come around and spill all that good tea for us get skinnier, and even more amazing!

The layout of the classroom, threads on one side against benches for exercises on the floor.

Barry’s is a workout different from everything I’ve ever tried, its a circuit of HIIT (high intensity interval training) which is basically switching between strolling, running and sprinting with strength training (each day of the week focuses on something different, I might just as well say Tuesday is LEEGGG DAY). Each circuit is half on the tread and the other half on the floor.

A big dark room, red lights and a selection of songs that go at least from Missy Elliott, to Prince, without forgetting our fav fav, Drake! It just leaves us feeling completely hypnotized, busy with everything that’s going on there that we have to forget about everything and just keep running, faster and faster.. You’re set to lose 1000kcal, a lesson!

I feel that in normal workouts(even if with a personal trainer) I need to be extra serious to leave after one hour and feel like I’ve really made it, or better, in one hour it hardly happens. While at Barrys, I just love it because every lesson is a whole thing of its own, you not only leave the room very satisfied and accomplished (even if I my emotions are a constant shift between wanting throw up, to faint or to quit)not only physically but specially mentally.Everyone here SWEATS, and leaves the room in an unrecognizable state but yet the most shocking is the incredible energy you get 2/3 hours after: indescribable.

Like if that all wasn’t enough to make you wanna rush your ass to the nearest Barry’s, there’s more. Trainers are just amazing, super nice, welcoming, they call every single person by first name and make sure that newbies don’t feel the “first timer burden”.

I really like doing a Barry’s intensive, its like every day for two weeks before traveling, as it super boosts my metabolism and I can just act careless during the trip and it makes sure you will fit your pants until the last day (tried and tested, Europe, Summer 2017).

The lighting is so perfect that makes you want to come back, even if only for that good selfiee!!

Personally, when the redroom is crowded, is when I like it better, there’s more motivation to workout with all that adrenaline, everybody moving, singing out loud, and that person that doesnt bother to come remind you that there are still burpees left.. true story. Just love it!

Conclusion: More than approved workout and recommended to everyone from lazy to super fit that wants to get into shape!!!!!!!!


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