Take-Over Recap : Yona Nicácio!

The uber gorgeous Yona-Goddess-Nicacio was our last guest on snapchat, and we obviously had to immortalise this moment with a full on article filled with all the amazing tips she shared with us! So ladies let’s please get in formation : If you watched it and wouldn’t mind re-seeing it all  just in case that extra precious tip slept away, and specially for those who couldn’t make it for one reason or another, we got you! Here goes a full recap of everything that went down (soo down btw) in what we consider the most acclaimed snapchat takeover E-V-E-R!!

Make-Up Basics

Yona isn’t you typical 6348492 brushes make-up addict, so her routine is very straight forward and contains only the very essential items  for that flawless finish, with least effort and minimum products. Truth is, it works wonderfully and once again less is so much more..

Poudre bronzante Terracotta Guerlain, Give me Sun mineral skin finish MAC, Better than sex mascara Too faced, Pro Long Wear concealer MAC, Luminous silk foundation Giorgio Armani, cheeky bronze MAC, Orgasm blush Nars.

She swears by the Luminous Silk foundation  which has a very buildable coverage, so you can go from day time to dolled-up glam in a few brush strokes! She adds a little pro longwear concealer on her imperfections, specially the under eye area, and she proceeds to set it all with the give me sun powder from Mac! As for bronzer she really loves the poudre bronzante from Guerlain to cut those cheeks! Now blush time,  she has two favourites, the Nars Orgasm (of course) and also the cheeky bronze by Mac, because it has a little glow to it that just feels right when you want to give that natural dew to your make-up look! Finally, she can’t live with her better than sex mascara, for long luscious lashes all day long!


Gel nettoyant, Concentrate, Toner, Sunscreen, Crème régénération intense all from La Mer

There’s no makeup in the world capable of concealing a non taken care of skin, and there’s no best foundation than a healthy skin!! This is definitely a principle, us at Randomly swear by, and so does Yona! Then no surprise that her skincare routine is way more complex than the previous one.. Yona starts by washing her face fresh with a gel, then toner with a cotton disk(preferably huge) in circular motion around the face. This part is specially important to take all the dirt. Then, the Concentrate, a marvelous serum from La Mer that brightens and tightens the skin. To finish it all off, the regeneration intense creme along with the sunscreen to avoid early signs of aging, spots and other damages caused by sunlight exposure.

Bedtime Routine

Midnight Recovery Kiehl’s, Apple cider vinegar, Bepantene Plus, Soapbar rockstar Lush, Wet wipes tea-tree Organic Skin Care Doctor.

At night the routine follows more or less the same dynamic: clean, tone, hidrate! So Yona first washes her face with this all natural Lush soap to purify and wash away all the dirt that builds up during the day. After, comes the super amazing secret that Yona swears by: apple cider vinegar..as a TONER. According to her (and by looking at her pics we can confirm), it balances our pH, stimulates blood circulation and smooths signs of tiredness..just magic! But careful, it has to be mixed into a solution (equivalent amount of apple cider vinegar, and water, 50/50) and she only uses it at night since its rather powerful and under sun exposure can cause undesired reactions. After the vinegar, we use the wet wipes all over our face and follow up with the midnight recovery concentrate from Kiehls, to finish it all Bepantene on the undereye, lips..and done!! All set to wakeup like a princesssssss!

Specific care

Saline Solution, White Clay, Wild Rose Oil Weleda.

Besides the daily skincare, Yona has a series of monthly treatments, such as facials at her favorite estheticians. And of course, weekly at home treatments like scrubs, masks, etc.. some bought and some homemade on the spot by her!! We love these little recipes that we can make at home whenever we see necessary, with natural and easy to find ingredients.. Here follows Yona’s very own fav clay mask that she recommends to every and each skin type!!!

Power Mask: a big spoon of white clay, a big spoon of saline solution + 3 drops from the essential rose oil!! She says that it can we can really use any essential oils we like, however she specially likes wild rose oil because It’s super moisturising,  it helps with hyper pigmentation problems and also with scarring, so to all our acne-prone ladies, thats what you should be using!


Body Care

Body Wash Dr Organic, Oleo Palmers, Anti-cellulite gel Collistar, Vitamin E Gel and Body Balm Jo Malone

Yona is the living proof that with the right body care we can stay as fresh as a daisy regardless of everything! Let’s not forget (because sometimes we do) she is the mom of three gorgeous children, and she’s definitely giving all these youngster a run for their money! So we were all eyes and ears wide open to grasp all the little secrets she’s being living by in order to look this flawless all the time! I mean we can’t buy genetics, but we definitely can buy the products, right?!  She says that Vitamin E is the MAJOR KEY for success! This substance increases the elasticity and tightens the skin since its a pivotal participant in collagen production!! Besides that, it delays the signs of aging and acts as a potent skin lubricant and moisturiser. As you might have noticed, most of the products referred have Vit E as a core substance..and if you follow us you are already familiar with our devoted love for the Jo Malone Vita E scrub! Oh, and the products are super price friendly (excluding Jo Malone) and we love the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to look bad and boujee! 

Hair Care

Castor Oil, Wheat Germ Oil,  Amla Oil

When we were contemplating on having Yona for a snapchat takeover, the first thing that came to our minds was: we want ALL the secrets of that goddess-luscious hair!! And so it was, Yona didn’t spare on products nor tips that she uses and adores!! As its a somewhat complex routine, lets start with the essential oils!! Yona is a major fan of oils, face, body, hair, everywhere!!! These are the three she uses the most and she mixes them up with her hair mask or before washing it to give a pre-wash hidration(works wonders when we don’t have much time).

Apple cider vinegar, Bepanthol solution, Crece Pelo.

Yona also has a little pre-washing trick with the mix 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar: she sprays it along the length of the hair and leaves for 15min before washing it all out, it guarantees a super silky and shinny hair!! Last but not least, she uses the full line of “crece pelo” that at this point needs no introduction, she adds a spoon of Bepantol Solution to the mask to potentialize the hair mask..


Beauty Hotline Bling !

Of couuuuuurse Yona has all the best links for treatments in Luanda, and its part of our #randomlycode to share absolutely everything that will leave us looking even better and powerful than “the rest” (enemies, boyfriend’s ex, boyfriend’s little friend etc..).

Contacts :

Spa Best of beauty for THE facial : +244 924854444

At home body shaping and draining massage:  Aurora +244 927099981

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  • Nedvd Correia

    Que take overrrr !! O MELHORRRR .. ameiii tudo. E vcs? essas fotos bem nítidas! texto bem escrito e sem rodeios. Não perderam identidade nem na escrita. Eu leio mas ouço a vossa voz no fundo hahaha. Lindooo! parabéns meninas. Tou a amar!

  • rafaela

    Simplesmente eu adorei esse Takeover foi o melhor,pq a Yoná deu-nos dicas com produtos super baratos, q está alcance em termos de preço de qualquer uma de nós ,como tbm podemos encontrar em Luanda, para usarmos…Fora q ela é linda neh,têm k fazer um Takeover pra ela mostras a sapateira dela,pk no Takeover dava pra ver os sapatos maravilhosos

  • Daisy Bumba

    Olá boa tarde! Antes de mais muitos parabéns pelo blog e por cada uns dos inputs que vão adicionando. Podem pff dizer-me onde encontrar os produtos da “La Mer” em Angola e/ou Potugal? Obrigada. Daisy Bumba.

    • Doriana

      Olá querida, muito obrigada por seguires! Os produtos de La Mer, são TUDO na vida..melhor investimento impossivel. Podes encontrar em Lisboa no El corte ingles! Depois conta-nos dos resultados..um beijo grande!

  • Eliane Milagre

    Foi um óptimo take over e uma óptima recapitulação também. Tenho que parabenizar as 3 (Gen, Doriana e Yona) pela iniciativa, organização, empenho e resultado brilhante. Que continue tudo na perfeição porque desse lado estamos a adorar as informações partilhadas e a paciência 🙂 Keep going ??

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