Skin ID: Normal Skin

First and foremost, my daily skin care is very realistic to my lifestyle so I like to keep it quick yet effective since I’m always late and don’t wear makeup on a daily. It has to make me look as cute as possible!!!!!

To give you a little insight, I have normal skin with an inclination to becoming oily on the T area, some patches (around cheeks) that easily tend to become dehydrated and a very thin texture that makes it quite sensitive (I get red easily).

Now that you are a little bit more familiar with my skin type, let’s go to the good part where I show you the products I swear by (after trying out thousands of things for years).

Cleanse: For a skin like mine, the key is finding a product gentle enough to clean it without leaving any greasy residues, and without stripping it from its natural moisture (first step to getting oily).

The Essential C Cleanser da Murad does just that! Cleans the skin very well, doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight and even adds some hydration since it leaves the skin feeling extra soft!! Plus, it has that minty citrus touch that helps to wake up our skin in the morningsss

Toning: Its a crucial step for me!! Something that a lot of people tend to ignore, but is very much fundamental and makes a whole lot of difference. When using the correct toner, we take out the remaining dirt, we regulate our skin’s pH as well as preparing for a better absorption of the following products.
Mine always go around bases of rose water, camomille or aloe.. I’m like on my second bottle of my Toner from Caudalie, and I love it! Alcohol-free, hydrates and refreshes without being heavy: perfection!!

Moisturizing: Last and favorite step: getting the skin moisturized! For me, it includes applying serum and lotion.

A good serum is something that we should not be cheap about, we should really invest on this one since we want the purest and most concentrate products so we also have the best results!!
The Serum Reconfortante da Eisenberg is light-weight but sooooo hydrating that it looks like lotion itself just that it absorbs immediately. We get a new skin instantaneously.
As for the cream, I’m obsessed with the Ultra Facial Cream da Kiehls with SPF!! I don’t get oily, stay looking fresh the whole day and plus it already has 30SPF that helps me to work towards a more even skin. Which is weird, since I’m not (never been) a fan of creams that already have SPF built-in, but that’s maybe why I like this one so much, it really works well. And one thing, the smell, OMG the smell is just amazing, I’m addicted. So if you’re looking for a global treatment creme, mid-range but very good price/value, this is your guy! As for the eyes, I use the Charlotte Tilbury magic eye cream to brighten the under-eye area, it has a half-gel/half-cream consistency, refreshing, hydrating, and not sticky at all (key).

To wrap it up, Baume Lèvres Réparateur de Clarins for the lips, and I seal it all with my  Rosewater from Mario Badescu, and I’m ready to hit the door!!!!

Night time is my fav time to get my skin suuuper hydrated as there’s no fear of getting oily, or being exposed to the sun with certain agents..since we are going to bed anyways.

After cleaning and toning, I swap between two routines: Vitamin C or Hydrating Masque. When its Vitamin C day, I use the one from Mario Badescu and apply it as a serum. I love this one because it has high concentration levels, which might even be dangerous to use during the day, so only at bedtime. It helps to even the skin, tighten pores, stimulate collagen, all together with getting our skin really basically, everything we love and need!! I seal the serum with a generous coat of the  Caudalie night cream, as it works towards an evener skin tone, completing our treatment with the Vit C.

On the other days, I apply 5 to 6 pumps of the blue camomille hydrating masque from Aesop, which was specially conceived to treat skins that are constantly exposed to air-conditioned environments (which we all know that super dry out the skin), and sleep without removing the excess, just let the skin absorb it all. In both cases, I complete it all with the eye cream, and lip balm (yes, even when going to bed).

So girls, which product of my list are you already needing desperately???
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  • Seomara Farmhouse

    Isso é tudo que eu mais preciso . Combinações perfeitas, sempre fiquei com receio de misturar marcas mas pelos vistos da muito certo, a vosso pele é tudo e mais alguma coisa de tão bem tratada que está . A minha maior dificuldade agora é onde posso comprar alguns dos produtos mencionados como o( murad , v.c Mário badescu,, aesop e o charlotte tilbury) tudo resto sei onde encontrar …. e já agora parabéns pelo site parabéns pela dinâmica . Amo tudo isso … Parabéns girls