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One of the best things that Instagram brought us, is the ability to discover tons of inspiring girls every single day, just by scrolling through our very busy timelines. Noutcha is one of these girls that I probably wouldn’t cross paths with if It wasn’t for Insta… Currently based in NYC, our #stylecrush was born and raised in Berlin.. she is rooted but she definitely flows as she travels all around the world, after her dreams and new experiences. She considers herself a fashion enthusiast and marketer that believes that a large part of fashion is the combination of a vast array of cultures and impressions. Her style is the perfect mix of classy and edginess, as she is loyal to timeless pieces but also loves a twist that elevates her looks to perfection! And she is not only about the looks: with a bachelor degree in marketing management, our #stylecrush has worked for an array of relevant brands such as Helmut Lang and Theory. She is currently transitioning to a position within the digital team of Condé Nast #dreamjobalert !! Our girl has the looks and the brains, so we are not only inspired by her aesthetically perfect Instagram feed, but also by her determination, hard-work and ethics! Time for some Style Notes!


5 Favorite Items in My Closet

1.Balenciaga booties 2.Gucci loafers 3.Zara blazer 4.SLNGHR bag 4.Tibi pants

Noutcha’s favourite pieces in her closet are definitely a reflection of her own style: she is loyal to classics however she needs that twist of edginess and coolness to elevate them to perfection! The Vynil Tibi pants are the perfect example of that: It’s a basic not so basic! Also, according to her she can’t live without her Gucci loafers, and she opted for the simple black ones because she thought the furry would quickly get out of style, and she was right! 


5 Favourite Essential Pieces I Own

As a person with a great sense of style, Noutcha truly masters her basics which are the foundation of every great look! A great pair of jeans and a nice blazer are staples that no girl should live without as they can be played with to create multiple outfits. She swears for her Antigona bag which not only carries her whole life but also is a great accessory for most of her looks… It’s one of our favourite bags too so we couldn’t agree more!


5 Fashion Muses

Now we know why Noutcha’s style is so flawless.. Her fashion muses are definitely some of the most inspiring women! We love the Olsen Twins dark sophisticated vibes just as much as we are obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s statement looks…I mean she is the It-Girl of the It-Girls! And of course, the wonderful team of super cool and trendy ladies that rule the fashion game right now: Kendall, Bella and Hailey! We love them! 

5 Looks I’ve Worn & Loved


5 Favourite Instagram Profiles


Going into Monday like 😎

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Last one from Parigi

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City-oversized 😎

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5 Tips To Always Be In Style

1- DO NOT OVER DUE IT: “This is my number one rule in dressing. I hate when girls are decked out in designers or just mix to many trends in one outfit. Keep it simple always. There is a slight but significant difference between people that dress well and people that are stylish as there is an art to putting an outfit together.

2- Know your body, skin color and face : “This is really important!! Not every trend can be pulled off by every body type or skin color. For me for example I try to stay away from very short skirts, jeans that are low waist and too much colors or patterns.”

3- Try to actually love everything in your closet : “I think a lot of people have a hard time being stylish because they have to many clothes and therefore no overview of their clothes. I regularly clean out and re-organize my closet, so I always know what I have. For someone that aims to never not look put together this is a very effective way.”

4- Plan in advance : “I live a pretty hectic life and I am NOT a morning person at all. That leaves me very little time in the morning to get ready and leave the house looking presentable. I therefore try to plan outfits in advance as much as I can. This goes especially when I travel but even in my day to day I often just write down a couple of outfits I am going to wear during the week or when I know an event I have to dress up for is approaching.”

5- Invest in Quality pieces : “This is a tricky one because different people have different budgets and priorities. For me however investing in quality accessories like bag, shoes, jewelry etc… really makes a difference as it really elevates an outfit.”


5 Trends I’m Loving Right Now

1- Leather :” In moderation of course. they’re hot property right now!  I have been loving the leather pieces that have been appearing on the runway and on bloggers. I am currently on the lookout for the perfect leather coat (one that doesn’t make me look like I just escaped the Matrix).”

2- 80’s shoulders : “OBSESSED would be an understatement. I have been waiting for this trend to come back. I have a small upper body compared to my lower body so in styling it correctly it levels out and in some occasions slims me down.”

3- Small bags : ” So this really got me by surprise because I am a lover for big bags, always carrying around way too much stuff. But the small bag trend is great especially for dinners or date nights.”

4- Sneakers : “It’s like reallllly having a moment. I am not really a 90s sneaker kind of girl so I am loving the new interpretations and ways to wear sneakers right now and still look super chic. Thank you Yeezy thank you Gucci.”

5- Monochrome looks : “Approach with caution girls! I love a good monochrome, if it is well done.I think the key thing to remember here is to  play with the same tones instead of the exact same tone all over.”


5 Items on My Wishlist 

1.Prada bag 2.Max Mara Coat 3.Chanel shoes 4.Gucci sneakers 5.Diane Von Furstenberg coat

We also have our eye on that Prada Bag!


5 Favorite Brands

1- Prada : “All the way for bags and accessories. I have been obsessed with them for an eternity. Especially the classic pieces just get me and the way I dress. I feel like I can  still wear my Galleria Safiano bags when I am 40 and picking up my children from soccer practice.”

2- ZARA : “We just go way back…”

3- Reformation : “That’s a recent obsession of mine.”

4- Tibi : “So chic and totally where I want my style to be as I am growing older.”

5- Saint Laurent : “Really been killing it lately especially in the shoe department.”


5 Favorite Stores

1- NET A PORTER : “Stella service and their boxes just make me really excited.”

2- MY Theresa : “the German in me is very proud of what they are accomplishing.”

3- Barney’s : “I have been absolutely obsessed, now that I live in the city.”

4- SSENSE :  “Absolutely love it!”

5- Celine : “DUH!”




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