Valentine’s Day Wishlist


It’s that time of the year again when my phone gets flooded with texts from all my male friends, asking for advice on what gifts they should get their girlfriends for Valentine’s day. Not all men are lost. Some of them actually have their shit together and prepare in advance for special dates like this…However, I must admit that most of them need a little “gift consulting”. Not because they suck even though they actually do, but just because they really couldn’t grasp all the hints we have been leaving all over our social media (.i.e that giant teddy bear we just uploaded to our Snapchat story #WANT #NEED). So the following wishlist is the gift list we wish someone would hand to our boyfriends in case they really need some help. Oh, baby if you are reading this I just want to let you know that the Agent Provocateur set would make me the happiest girl in the world! Love you!



I’ve been drooling over this 1.Agent Provocateur set fo a while now. I love their Valentine’s lingerie, they are always very fun and sexy at the same time. Plus It’s one of those gifts that are both for you and your men: you put it on and he unwraps it!

Dear sophisticated people, I love you but It’s Valentine’s day so we all deserve to be as cliché and cheesy as we desire. That being said, I think we deserve that 2. Gucci wallet. It’s so cuteee.. honestly, how can you not love it?!

Probably one of the cutest gifts of the list, I really love this pink Polaroid as It’s like a memory maker for you and your boo. You can just take pictures of random moments, label all of them with date, place and time, and just store them in a sort of “lovers archive”. So it’s the perfect gift for the both of you.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have that “Christian Grey” fantasy in which my men gifts me the outfit he wants me to wear for our date… You know that “dress you to undress you” feeling?! I here for it. This 4.Pat Bo two-piece has been on my wishlist for a while now, and I’d really love my men to read this and understand that I’m a size 8 and that I need it now.

5.Flowers: I could get flowers every year and I wouldn’t mind. It’s the perfect gift for every occasion, and I especially love these flower-boxes that are super luxurious.

I am a sucker for candles, especially when they have luxurious scents like Jo Malone, Byredo..etc. These  6.Maison Martin Margiela candles are divine and I would love to grow my collection with this one! Not only it smells amazing but it also sets the mood for special nights.

The7.Desert Dusk Palette has been on my wishlist for the longest time. However, I feel like I already have so much make-up, that It doesn’t even make sense for me to buy it. BUT, I wouldn’t mind getting it as an innocent Valentine’s gift.

I will never get over this  8.Pat Bo fringe top! It’s such a beautiful piece, I can totally see myself rocking it all summer ’18.. or even for my V’Day dinner date paired with some high-waisted tailored pants.

This truth or dare game is definitely the gift we would enjoy the most as a couple! Perfect to spice things up a little and try new things. It comes with 100 activities that should be performed between you and your partner, and preferably between four walls! LOL, I need this!


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  • Cayla

    Omggg I love it all! I really would love the candle, box flowers (I’ve never received anything like it) and the Huda Beauty palette <3
    Also the PatBo fringe top is cute af!! You def need to get it.

  • Glória Leitão

    Gennnn sinceramente eu preciso que o meu boy tenha uma amiga com criatividade é muito bom gosto… porque da experiência que eu tenho isso nunca corra bem, o presente nunca se enquadra ao que EU estou à espera ou mesmo o que eu preciso, ( eu acredito que as mesmas façam de propósito hahahahha).
    Já no que toca a tua valentine’s day wishlist é outro assunto 😍😍, vou fazer um copy past do link e enviar como se não quisesse nada vamos ver se da certo😏 🙏🏽 A séculos que desejo uma Mini pink Polaroid mas é daquelas coisas que não consigo comprar acho sempre que há imensas coisas mais importantes e que não há necessidade… Flores nunca são demais e tudo o que vier por acrescimento será bem vindo❤️ Beijinho meninas ❤️😘

  • Kamia Bento

    Adorei a wishlist, parabéns 😍