I was born on the 29th of May 1994 in Moscow, I moved to Luanda when I was 3 and lived there until 2014 when I left for Milan to study Economics.

I was an only child until last year (heyy Kenzii) so I developed a strong bond with my Mom and Grandma, from which the smell of their creams I hold in my dearest childhood memories.

Back when my skincare routine was only composed of “creme gordo” and Nivea (that yet I followed religiously), I would pay attention to what they were putting on, asking what they were and what they were for…

Every trip was an opportunity to wander around supermarkets, shops and pharmacies sourcing all the new new talking beauty is something that I enjoy and comes to me very naturally.

I love easy going people, that laugh A LOT, and never know which dessert to choose (like me)!!


25 years old from Angola, currently living in Paree (Paris) and utterly obsessed with all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gluten/dairy-filled caloric food.

Besides my full time job as an Instagram scroller, I study Fashion Media and intern at a fashion startup.

I guess we all agree that fashion is pretty much all my life and it’ll probably be the death of me as well.

I write, I travel, I eat, I shop (a lot), and I (overly) share it all in here or Instagram!